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Sunday, October 12, 2003


See the leaves turn yellow and brown,
See the trees turn wild with colors,
See the forest and the mountains go crazy
Like a Van Gogh

Listen to the streams and the rivers,
And the sombre silence of the lake,
Listen to the birds and the sky,
And the wonder of it all.

It is fall.
I love fall
More than I love spring
And I dont know whom to thank
That I can see and listen
And be part of this miracle.

Soon it will be winter
And the snow will be all over.
But the memories will remain
For ever,
Even when I am myself
A part of this .

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

What is it about your face
That drives me crazy?
What is it about your voice
That leaves me nearly paralyzed?
What are you, anyway,
That you have such power over me?
I keep telling myself I am imagining you
That you cannot possibly exist.
Yet I know you are there.
And I wouldn't have it anyother way.
So, want to tell me
About your power.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

The Old Lady

There was this old lady
Near my place.
I say "Good Morning"
And she answers
"I will tell you Good morning
When morning really comes"
She tells me her nephew will be visting today.
But he doesn't come.
And she says quietly,
"It is so peaceful
When you dont have any one to wait for".
Her words demand silence.
She is well over ninety,
Everyone says she is demented
Waiting for her kin who never come.
And never complaining she is lonely.
She is still so very pretty
I tell her she must have been ravishing in her youth.
She smiles.
She looks happy.
And then,
Before the nephew could come
With the cherries
Or was it cherry blossoms
For her,
She left.
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