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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I could feel the cold embrace. The silence of the utter darkness. I was helpless. And yet I did not want to be free. The zero G sinking has a fatal charm.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hope and Loneliness

A comment to the previous post on this blog asks a good question. Can loners' hope? It isn't phrased quite like that. But I suppose that is what it meant.

That made me think, you know. Like I did when I realized I am a loner. Maybe it is all about neurochemistry. But the fact remains that loners are a group apart.

Some are born loners, some become loners, others have lonerhood thrust upon them (Now, who said that first !). I belong to the first category. Born loner. I cannot remember any time in my life when I felt part of the human tribe. I don't mean I do not aprreciate humans. In fact I like them. My problems is that I cannot feel part of the crowd. Sore thumb kind of situation. For my kind of loners hope has no place. There never was any in the first place.

For the other two kinds, I suppose hope is a reasonable remedy. It could keep you going. So go right ahead and hope. After all things cannot get any worse can they!
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