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Monday, May 14, 2007

Silence of Life

I remember you again, this day.
Like I do almost everyday.
The secret joys and the everlasting sorrows
I remember you with a pain so profound
Words make no sense.

The silence of life
Like the calm lake
Hiding all the horrible secrets
In her bosom

I sit beside the calm water
Dark and ominously silent

You cannot come.
And yet
I have not the heart to call this

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Constant noises populate the utter silence of my life. No, not the life you would encounter in case you met me. The deeper, inner life that every person has to deal with alone. I sometimes wonder how I communicate at all with all the people, given that I have so little in common with them.

No, I do not forget those who have added kind comments on my blog. That shows, maybe humankind has some kind of future. (Whatever that means!). Not because some people have nice words for a loner. But because such people exist at all. Maybe they belong to the next stage of evolution. Some kind of super human beings with the topology of ordinary mortals.
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