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Monday, November 21, 2011

I haven't blogged for quite some time now.
It is not because I haven't found any cause for not blogging. Maybe the cause found me-if you don't mind that much profundity in an opening statement. Loner's status does not terminate abruptly. In spite of Prozac or whatever. The real nuts out there know what I am talking about.
The days these days are more dreary, less worthy of anything whatsoever, much less blogging. And words fail me. I am not quite in the WS (of Avon).class. Of course that is ego. maybe a small one, but ego nonetheless.
By my standards. So what should I do? Angry Birds? Don't make me laugh and hit you at the same time. If you are not reachable, I don't want to hit myself. I don't want to hurt myself, you see. Not when I am in the wrong phase.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It rained and rained all day. The rivers swelled, the rivulets roared merrily. The patter of rain drops on the water which covered the earth was like the laughter of a demon.
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