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Sunday, February 13, 2005


It is funny how things look different after time has retouched your messed up life. All those sweet nonsenses sound exactly that: nonsenses without the sweetness. And you wonder how on earth you could have been so silly. And so stupid.

The winter this time round isn't so cold. But the old romances are dead all right. And buried under tons of snow. It is like those apartments where you find the windows frozen shut because the snow is now ice.

She seems to have decided the ice is better than me, as friends go. And maybe warmer too. So here I am. your old loner2 again! Wow. That does call for a good deal of effort. To remain a loner.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Promise

I made a promise.
Now I wonder.
What is a promise anyway ?
Is it a two way system,
Or do you just have to keep your part of it.
And, screw the the other part.
It sounds so much like humbug,
I suspect it is humbug.
I kept my promise for such along time I am now tired.
And sick of it.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The River

The silent ripples tell no tales as the river flows down the town.
Like the dead, the silence is all the story you get to hear.
And you sit on the bank and wonder and you hear not even yourself.
One day you must be part of this. The unto dust stuff.
That day seemed so far off.
Not anymore though.
Now I can almost hear the eternal silence.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


This IS a screwy world. Whoever created it had a real bizarre sense of macabre humor. I just cannot stand this . Am I alone. I guess I am. Screw the planets and the galaxies and the big screwpot who created all this or did nothing to prevent this smuck being created.

In a way i guess I am supposed to like this, all this. Don't wierdo's love wierd stuff. Ok. maybe that is true. But i just cannot.

Look here. I am not talking about any %$&*ing existential question, ok. I am talking about. Life as in where you eat and shit and love and sleep. That is what is screwy.

And I will let you guys in on a secert. My shrink is screwy too, only difference is he doesn't know it.

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