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Thursday, February 16, 2006

It gets tiresome after a while. To keep on and on about loneliness, depression, mood swings. Surely there is more to life than mere whining. Like some one said in a respone to a previous post in this blog, loners are basically selfish people, thinking about themselves all the time. I am beginning to think that he had a point there. I mean, what the heck, people are suffering all over the place and here are the glorious loners of the world wallowing in self pity. And all that is bothering us, self styled loners, is some chemical in the neural network of the brain gone nuts. Great!!

But on second thoughts, what are blogs for. I mean personal blogs. If I cannot open up here, where on earth can I do that. The whole problem with being a loner is that he/she is not quite given to socializing. So along came blogs and did we jump on to that ! In the process, people who would die rather than confess to personal problems in their normal, 'real' life open up like hurricanes and whine. I have been to blogs and then some more. And honestly this blog has given me some very thoughtful, caring people as blog friends. That is the biggest blog bonus. The community of nameless, faceless humans who care and even worry about each other.

Long live blogs !

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

All right, I am back. Not exactly the greatest event of the month or whatever. But here I am. For whatever it is worth.

I am told that physical exercise is good for the mind. Even delays Alzeimer's. May be it does, maybe the blood supply to the brain increases and you perk up. Like a watared plant. I have to try that out.

So what has been happening in the blog world of loners and depressives. Not much, I see. Some comings and some goings, Eventual return to wherever you sprouted from. Dust or whatever. Great. Same old world.

Real life is so unreal

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Back to Blogging

I had an unusually bad bout of depression. So I really couldn't force myself to even sit in front of a monitor and watch myself rant and snivel. Now I think I am coming out of that. Partly at least.

This is bad. This thing called depression. Even the knowledge that you are not alone in enduring the numbness is barely sufficient consolation. But I must thank those did bother to read my blog even when it was not being updated. Hey, Rain, special thanks to you, friend.
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