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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Constant noises populate the utter silence of my life. No, not the life you would encounter in case you met me. The deeper, inner life that every person has to deal with alone. I sometimes wonder how I communicate at all with all the people, given that I have so little in common with them.

No, I do not forget those who have added kind comments on my blog. That shows, maybe humankind has some kind of future. (Whatever that means!). Not because some people have nice words for a loner. But because such people exist at all. Maybe they belong to the next stage of evolution. Some kind of super human beings with the topology of ordinary mortals.


Kate said...

Not to be too philosophical, but I think most people can relate to that internal silence, and it scares the hell of out them (I'll include myself in that, too. IMHO, that's why people do all sorts of self-destructive things--just so they don't have to hear and feel the silence.).

Maybe it's naive, but I take comfort in the fact that when people are stripped down to just THEM, no frills attached, we're all sort of the same that way.

loner2 said...
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Kate said...


loner2 said...

Thank you Kate. These are the words that keep people like me going.You know, helps make some sense out of all that is going on around us.

You are right about the inner silence. Stripped of the frills and left raw, just us THEY are, most of us do feel the loneliness of life.

That way blogs are great medication, wouldn't you say. Sort of community help, holding invisible hands together

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