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Saturday, September 04, 2004

The first Lines

From where shall I begin?

The roots of the conflict ran deep.

Indeed it starts with the creation. Of the universe. Maybe the creation itself was wrong, flawed. Else, why should the creatures of god fight and kill each other. Or should I start later, with the families? And the small quarrels which grew with the children and finally flared into the great battle?

The story can be told briefly. Hundreds of thousands of men, most of them kin, fought for a throne. eight survived, and those who survived lived more mserably than the dead.

One, the most accursed of them all, wanders the worlds yet, the boon of death withheld fom him. He has a mark on his head. Call him Aswa-dhaama, Call him Cain. It is all the same. For the fugitive wanders, forever. Alone. The dark brroding of mind shall never know rest.

Or maybe I can start with the remorse of the victors. The days which hung like dead weight upon their souls, and the nights when they couldn't sleep. Till they eventually abandaoned their palace and their people, to wander and to die on the way, with not even a drop of water to quench their everlasting thirst.

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