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Monday, November 15, 2004

Starve or Sell?

What do you do when your choices are but two: starve or sell yourself.

She took the second choice.

I cannot cast a stone. Not when you have known what it means to go without food or even hope of food. So she was given the age old name. And and she went and got herself with child, and died after childbirth. I mean, you dont stand much chance when you are barely in your teens, certainly not when you have to hide the bulge in your belly. So the little girl died, leaving the barely born son alive, to live a life of shame in a world filled with the righteous. Maybe his maker will know what to do about this mess.

And then there was this other girl. She chose the first option. And starved. When she couldn't starve anymore she suicided (committed suicide, if you prefer it that way). True, she held out for a long time. But there are limts, I suppose.

People call the second girl a victim, and the first girl a whore.

Well. What do you know !

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