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Friday, April 28, 2006

Metaphysics or even ordinary physics is fine when you are in the mood for it.Honestly I am not in the mood right now. Something drags me inexorably towards that statement about forgiveness and detachment. I have seen all the comments about forgiveness as well as detachment. How does one learn to forgive? Is forgiveness an acquired trait? Not many people can forgive or forget. And they are the ones who do rpretty well in life. In this life I mean. So how can forgiveness be good. Assuming that life ends with death, what does forgiveness fetch.


RainStorm1212 said...

Hi, Loner. I hope you are feeling well. :-)
I never believed in the Big Bang theory or evolution. I don't like to call myself a religuous person because there are thousands of different religions in the world. I don't like to affiliate myself with any church (I don't go to church anymore)because churches are not where I get my faith from.

I do believe what the Bible says. I read the King James Version because it's the only one that is closely translated from the original transcripts of Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic. I beleive the only way a person can truly forgive another person is if it's given by God. Without interception from God (my God is the Lord Jesus), mankind would destroy themselves. Forgiveness is a great thing.

Because of God's forgiveness, He provided Himself as Savior for His people, the believers. Without that, the entire human race would be destined for hell. Yes, I do believe in life after death. Heaven for the saved and hell for the unsaved.
I don't mean to sound like a preacher because I am far from being innocent.

On another note, forgiveness helps us to get past the pain, and move forward. Unforgiveness is like keeping a grudge. It isn't good to keep anger and hurt bottled up inside. It usually explodes into something ugly, or worse, violence.

loner2 said...

rain, I have this tendency to wander in my posts. One about Bnags, big or small, and then about forgiveness. It depends on what affects me most on that particular day. Sometimes, actually, quite often these days, I cannot help wondering what it all means. You know. This thing called life. What the heck. Things have to go on, right.
What you said is absolutely right. Pain and hurt must find some way out. better a blog than a gun, huh !!

loner2 said...

Rain. I am really glad you are taking a vacation. The BOSS is bad, (Burn Out Stress Syndrome). I read your posts regularly, and I find the situations disturbing even me, although you are the one on the spot!

I am sure those gene handlers will come up with something for the BOSS, but till then, it is good old Nature to the rescue. And you know what, I would prefer Nature to having someone poke around my genes !!

I am also glad you got your computer fixed.

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