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Monday, November 13, 2006

The sense of death stalking you in utter silence is the most unnerving of all fears. When you realize that your fears are indeed true, the starkness of life hits you right in your soul. The meaning of a measly life. The meaning of a miserable death. Why does it have to be like this.

No. This is not a protest. You don't protest with the dark and silent reaper.


Anonymous said...

If death is stalking me, then I welcome it.

To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord Jesus. I'd rather be with Him than on this cursed world.

*sigh* But my love and need for my family is strong and He knows this.
So, here I remain.

Sorry I've been away for so long, Loner. I'm going to update my blog. I read all of the messages you left me. Thank you for your concern. :-)

How are you doing? From your last post, it seems as though we're in the same boat. :-( I do hope things get better with you.

loner2 said...

Hey rain. You have no idea how much we all missed you. It is wonderful having you back oldgrl.

I agree with you on the cursed world part. But that please blog. Your blog is one of the blessings of life. Yeah, I mean it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Loner. *blushing* I'm sorry that I worried you.

How are you doing? Are you having a hard time around the Christmas season? Out of all of my fellow-bloggers, you are the only one that I really open up to. I just wish there was something I can do to help you. If there is anything I can do, please ask. I'll try.

I'm glad that I can make somebody happy. I'm nothing special. I try to do the right thing (most of the time). However, people just don't understand me. Even my own family thinks that I'm weird. I guess I am. That's OK, I still love them.

Be careful out there.

loner2 said...

That is the odd part of life isn't it, rain. You do the right thing, and get blamed for that. As for being weird. You are telling me.

You be careful too, rain. Ok. There are people (out in the bogworld anyway)who care about you.

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