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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happiness is different when it catches you right in the pit of despair. Even the small crumbs are like manna. How does you express what you feel. Thank you? So trite. Come on you can do better.


RainStorm1212 said...

Happiness for me is looking into the eyes of my nieces and nephews. Just knowing that they're having a happier and better childhood than I did, makes my heart happy.

They are the only ones that make me truly happy, and keep me going in this life.

Loner, I hope there is someone that can make you happy.

loner2 said...

Rain, I don't know how to thank you. Like I said, in the post, that would be so inadequate.

Looking into the eyes of the next generation. That is a great healing process. They will have a much better and happier chidhood and adulthood than we ever had.

Maybe someone can make me happy. My wish is that I won't make anyone unhappy.

Thanks again, Rain.

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