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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Big and the Small.

He spent much time wondering just how big Big is. After years of contemplation on this topic he concluded Big is too big for him to think meaningfully about anymore. So instead he asked himself how small is Small. He reasoned that like temperature there has to be some kind of lower limit to how small something can get, even if there is no upper limit on Big. He looked deeper and deeper into the meaning of small and realized he had no idea about that either. He spent a good deal of time reading what the masters had written on Big and Small. Then he realized, they had no idea either.

So now his problem became different. If one cannot comprehend either the very Big or the very Small, then what can one comprehend, except that which is hopelessly sundry, hopelessly commonplace and mundane. Such as life. Or death. Or happiness and sorrow. Or even loneliness. Does happiness have a structure? Or sorrow for that matter.

Sure, they are chemical transmissions in the brain of humans and may be some animals. We all know that. Big deal, huh !!


Kate said...

it's like thinking about eternity. when i try to think about what "forever" would really be like, i kind of freak out and my brain rebels. like we're so bounded by time that, absent those bonds, we're nothing.

geez, i creep myself out sometimes...

loner2 said...

same here kate. how was the birthday ?

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