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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The mess

Glory to thee, all powerful one.
The heavens and the earths and other universes,if any,
Are your unimaginable playground.
And the creatures thereof,
Witness to your thoughts.

Maybe it all went wrong somewhere,
And we ended up where we are now.
In a cruel, vicious world.
Where nothing seems to be right.
Where your awful powers prevail not.
Where doubt leads to violence beyond belief.

Fill my mind and my soul with the eternal fire of your glory.
Fill all our minds with your glory

And, please, clear up this mess.

1 comment:

M.d Tabish Faraz said...

I Loved That Poem.

Not only you are praying for yourself in the end, but for everybody else. And I personally think that everybody else part best shows off in the last line:

"And, please, clear up this mess."

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