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Sunday, October 16, 2005

I haven't been at this post for a few days. You know, kind of got messed up. Now isn't that funny. I never knew things could get messier!

Anyway, I have got this new question. The question of not fitting in. Of being forever lonely. Of not belonging.

Good. That kind of defines a loner. Not necessarily the depressed, asocial sort of loner, but the generic variety.

It is all about statistics. Normal, social beings are merely the ones who fit into the statsistical definiton of socailly normal person. I am not that kind. I guess, there are more of this tribe on this planet than anyone suspects. People who barely manage to get along, all the time wondering what on earth they are doing here, in this crowd.

I know I feel that way more often than I care to remember. Each passing day leaves me more bewildered. Maybe there is a meaning to human existence. Maybe there is more to life than food, clothing and shelter. Maybe in somebody's infinite wisdom, that meaning has merely been hidden from me.

I try hard not to let that get to me though. I mean, if something is to be hidden from me, so be it. Who cares!

1 comment:

T. Willie said...

Loner...yeah. That's what I thought for decades and then--kersplash! Aspergers. Found my lost tribe and boy are we weird;-)

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