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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Detachment is Forgivenss. Really !! Wow. That is news. More on this later.


RainStorm1212 said...

I enjoyed life, but for a moment. I was happy, for a second. And then, reality hit. Can I sleep for a month and not wake up?

loner2 said...

Dear me rain. It has been such a long time ! I almost thought I had lost you ! It is good to have your comments again.

No sweetheart, you cannot sleep for a month and then wake up to a new world. Things would still be the same. All the drudgery, all the sickening violence all the meaningless noises of life would still be there.

So that is not the solution. You are a brave girl. But after reading your blog, the last few entries in particular, I feel you need a break. Can you equate sleep with a break and go away on a vacation, a much deserved vacation? That might help.

Be happy again, rain. Life is not infinite. There are limits to what we can do just as there are limits to what we can endure. You are a friendly person, and I am sure you can be happy. In spite of reality.

As a member of the loner's club, you are aware that reality has this sick habit of poking its nose into a person's life for no good reason. That can't be helped.

All that apart, rain, thanks for commenting again. I kind of missed you, you know.

RainStorm1212 said...

Loner, I know it's been a while since I left a comment on your blog. No, you never lost me; I've been here, just didn't know what to say. Fancy that,,,me having nothing to say, lol.

Thank you for understanding and for your support! I greatly appreciate the shoulder you've given me. When I read your comment, it warmed my heart. Yes, I do need a vaction. I have one scheduled in July, but nowhere to go.

When I went to the movies with Sarah and Krista, I actually remembered (for a bit) what it felt like to go out and have fun.
I am trying to be happy again. It's so hard though, but I guess I have to keep trying, or try another medication. LOL

Thank you for being there for me. I'm always here for you. It's too bad you don't live in the States.

Be careful out there.

Steve Hayes said...

Detachment is not forgiveness, but forgiveness is hard without detachment, or dispassion.

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