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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Detachment vs Forgiveness

Here is something I heard recently. Detachment is forgiveness. Yes, I did mention this on this blog the very day I heard it. I was baffled then. I am still baffled. Maybe somebody out there can help out, tell me how the two (detachment and forgiveness) equate.

Just what is this detachment anyway. The subtitle of this blog reads "A fusion of fears- mythical and current". Detachment is something I encounter often enough in the mythical part of my life. As the opposite of attachment, although is apologetic about the antonym of attachment or detachment, that would seem to imply a lack of involvment in the events that intrude into your life. I don't mean to say that one could rise above the involvement. No way. But detachment is something a true loner knows inside out.

But forgiveness. What is that. What do you forgive. Debts? Hurts? Cruelty.

Come on. I haven't ever seen anyone yet who has truly forgiven anything. Maybe such saints do exist somewhere.

Ultimate detachment is a condition where hurts and pain and losses never reach. What does forgiveness mean in that situation.


Matt Vella said...

Detachment is a deliberate attempt to remove your conscience mind from your feelings.

This is usually done to escape negative emotions such as anger, fear, etc.

Forgiveness is acknowledging your feelings and accepting what happened in the past as something that cannot be changed. It is taking that logic a step further in that continuing to hold a grudge harms no one but yourself.

Therefore, detachment is separation from emotion, forgiveness is embracing emotion.

I'm a survivor of physical and mental abuse as a child, and I have forgiven.

loner2 said...

Matt Vella, I appreciate your comment. That is a reasonable working definition.(detachment is separation from emotion, forgiveness is embracing emotion)

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