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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Acceptable Lies

I was asked this question today. And I put it to you as it was asked.
How do you define an acceptable lie? Are there acceptable lies ?
This was followed by a Question: How to be a hardcore liar.

I suppose this is all about the so called white lies. You utter them to save your worthless skin. And then feel upset or delighted according to who you are. As for me, my whole life being a big lie, the question makes no sense.

More importantly, I ask myself. How do you define truth. Given the situation of the world as of today. How many "acceptable lies" did I utter today? I am amazed. They are beyond count. Starting with the time I wake up to the time I somehow manage to close my eyes, with ample help from hmmm..Ok, that is not important right now.

I tried to the ultimate answer tool:google. :-)and checked out Acceptable lies and got 402 pages. I also learned that most of it relates to law or government (Why am I not surpprised !). There are also unacceptable truths. More on that later.

Nice field for study.


Anonymous said...

Why are you surprised? It has to be law and government!

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is the anonymous from your post 'loneliness'. I hope everything is going well for you. I don't know...but I think there may be an infinite number of levels of loneliness. I myself am 'alone' physically (I try to), and mentally. There was something by Ralph Waldo Emerson about solitude. In my interpretation, I thought he meant that you are truly alone when you can be alone while in a crowd (mentally, psychologically). My moods go from numb, empty, blank, to miserable. I've isolated myself so much that I don't know how to 'socialize' anymore. I'm forced to because of school. Oh well, I have try to survive. How do you deal with 'unhappiness?' I just stare into the sky. Good luck once again.

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