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Monday, September 19, 2005

Levels of Lonliness

I come again to the levels of loneliness stuff.

Are there infinite levels of loneleiness? Infinite is uncountable. Transcendental, as RWE would say. But 2005 is so far away from 1836. Society is not what it used to be.

But, is it necessary to be deliberately lonely? Is that what an exile means. Find a silent corner somewhere, sit yourself down there, and ask what all that silence means. It doesnot imply loneliness. You can be physically lonely and yet be one with the rest of the world. You can be in the midst of the rush hour and yet be totally marooned within yourself. Continue that for a sufficient length of time and you can forget about socializing.

As for spiritual loneliness, there is no working definition of loneliness that is universally applicable in this miserable age. Come to think of it, who is not lonely?
Most people go through life without ever realizing that when the chips are down they are alone.

Long live faith. That was one of the first things I lost. Having lost Faith, the one with a capital F, you are abruptly enveloped in solitude. No crowd can get to you. Nothing moves you. You are neutral, "numb".

Is that a a good situation to find yourself in ? Mostly no, I would say. The silence of the solitude in a crowd is unbearable for almost everyone. Physical closeness means nothing. Socializing means next to nothing. You smile, you laugh, and you wonder, deep inside, why on earth you are smiling laughing or holding hands.

This state of mind requires some getting used to. I should know !


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