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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Loners are not really self absorbed. It is just that our tribe, the tribe of loners don't mix very well emotionally with the crowd. That is not self absoption. That is the view from the ringside. But at times the world and life gets to the loner too, with a punch in the face.

In real life we wear our masks pretty well. Here in the blogworld the mask is thrown away. And the scarred souls peek out.

Rainstorm1212 said it nicely. Stay too long in the dark and it consumes you. I agree. Maybe this is natures way of recalling you back to the basic reality of the world. Even if it means a broken solitude.


RainStorm1212 said...

Thanks, Loner, but in a way, I do think we're a little self absorbed. Not in a vain way, but we spend too much time thinking of ourselves. I'm not directing this at you, but to myself.

I am VERY lonely and alone. I don't have many TRUE friends. I am depressed because I'm alone and lonely. However, I go on and pray for help and comfort. Yes, I am alone, but as long as I know that God is with me, then I'm really not alone.

I hope I can help you.

Anonymous said...

well...we're all egotistical hyprocrites...sorry if that came out a little weird...there are a lot of contradictions, good ones, bad ones, and in-between ones..all i can do is just say i try to do the least of something i don't like to do..another thing is..i don't know if i can ever relate to anyone...not even other 'loners.'

Falcus said...

This post is a few days old, but no matter.

If you really are a loner, chances are you have interests in things besides other people, and one interest has lead to other interests, and it has just happened that none of them are other people..... Thats all fine and good until you reach a certain age, and you look back, and notice how you alone you are. That thought will, at first, to everyone, come as something of a shock. But if you're a loner, most times its quickly followed up with "Im this way because Ive chosen to BE this way". There is a difference between "Hiding from society" and "Choosing to be alone". Most people that arent Loners I tend to find cant understand that.....

Anyway, I dont think the problem with most Loners is "Self-absorption". IDK, that might be your problem, but its not mine anyway, I just have other interests, that are best served by lack of distraction, and other people are a distraction.... Awful hard to read a book with another person in the room that only wants to talk, particularly if they're just talking to break the silence......

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