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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Tree

The tree was fine when I saw it last time.
I don't quite recollect how long ago that was.
I do recollect the tree was fine.

Now I see it again.
All shrivelled up,
The glorious leaves gone,
So too the pride.

It looks old,
Maybe feels old, wasted, useless

What happened to you, old friend?
What bolt of destiny struck you down.
I doubt you will ever hold that head up again
Against the sky, against the wind, against time.

But don't you worry.
We are with you.
Shrunk, shrivelled, shaken down
No matter.
We are with you.


RainStorm1212 said...

The tree may have been beaten down, but as long as the roots are alive and strong, that tree will rise again someday. And when the tree stands again, it will be stronger than ever.

loner2 said...

That was lonely tree. All alone, but standing tall and brave. I am sure the roots are ok, rainstorm1212

RainStorm1212 said...

Loner, sometimes it's good to be alone. But don't be alone too long. It's not good that anybody should be alone for a long amount of time.
That's one of the reasons they put prisoners in solitary confinement as punishment. Being alone can be torturous in itself.

Falcus said...

Decent poem, I like it. The only problem I see with it though is it seems to rely too heavily on back story about the author. If I didnt know the URL to this site was "Loner2", it would be easy to miss the message I think you're trying convey.

This is only my 2nd post here, so I might be missing too much of the picture to say this..... but it sounds like "Loner2" seems to have lost too much confidence..... Ill be the first to admit being a loner isnt easy. Day to day activities, particularly if ure still in school where the BIG focus is on "Group activities". If your out of school, things dont get much better unless you're GENUINELY lucky and can find a job which allows you the solitude you probably work best in (and trust me, these are rare, and about 1/2 of them are annoying jobs that are better done by machines then Humans ; ; ).

Anyway, Point being, If you dont fit the world, make the world fit you, but you have to have confidence in yourself to make that happen, and you have to know that you're gonna fuck things up occaisionally. I tend to find the difference between success and failure on a lot of things I dont do alot, is how many times I try...... I got lucky tho, and was born with an indeniable sense of curiosity, combine that with the fact that Im a loner, and you could call me something a of a Social Masochist ^^; cuz I keep coming back for more punishment, but in the end I generally accomplish what I set out to do.....

And finally,

RainStorm1212 said...

I hope you are doing well, Loner.

loner2 said...

I am doing OK Rain. Thank you. Just a bit of fever. Should go away soon. I have been to your blog and read about that dildo stuff. You know something, you are good.

loner2 said...

Thank you falcus. That is a detailed commentary. The bit on the Tree does refer back quite a bit. Actually it is not "standalone". And hey, you got that one about the confidence part right!

Falcus said...

Yea, Ive been there myself. Wether you're a loner by choice or not (Some are, some arent, identifying that can help sometimes, sometimes not), there are a few things all loners face and have to deal with in their own way. Confidence is a big one, particularly in your late teens or early 20s. Basically it seems to happen whenever your interests arent strong enough to keep you focosed on them anymore. The big difference between Loners and more social people I tend to find is social people are almost always able to find a shoulder to cry on, Loners just have themselves.....

I was recently presented with a different way of looking at something I already knew (As most things in life are a matter of perspective between two differing people, my sheer curiosity alone keeps me from the 100% solitude I honestly think Id enjoy the best). You may have heard, learned, or realized on you own, that there are no black and white areas in life, its all grey scales...... Well, so too is being a loner. Almost every Loner Ive ever met has at least a couple Supportive friends. Then again, the number of True Recluses Ive met is countable on one hand, as they generally never leave their domocile, nor make a habit of talking with anyone when its avoidable, even other loners..... Anyway, long story short (Too late, I know), its possible to reach out to people without being too overly social. Other loners are a good place to start, as generally most Ive ever encountered tend to have a far greater understanding of what it means to be alone for extended periods of time.

Anyway, Id try to offer more support to ya "2", but general advice only goes so far. I would need more before I could suggest anything more really.... Its too easy to goof on advice when its givin with out enough background. And for all I know you might not even be interested in hearing what I have to say ^^;. which would be fine, but would radically change how I post here. Still, I dont think thats the case ~.^

loner2 said...

falcus, I am very much interested in what you say and I really apprecaite your comments. Thanks a lot

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