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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Before you start making all those New year resolutions, look back on the year past. Just check if you have kept your part of the bargain called life. I have this sinking feeling that I haven't been quite honest with life. I also have a worse sinking feeling that I am going to be the same in 2006 too.

I am not really into New Year resolutions. Most of them are just expressions, figures of speech so to say. Promises you cannot possibly keep. I dislike people who don't keep promises, even if it is myself.

No, I am not preaching. I am just trying to tell myself that it won't do any harm to try and be rather better next year, any year.

That is about the worst New Year resolution I have heard !


christopherbrooks8366 said...

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RainStorm1212 said...

I don't make resolutions. Why wait until New Years to make changes? Shouldn't changes be done through out the year?

loner2 said...

Exactly, rain. I agree absolutely. And as always on the day after, I always wonder on the day after New Year, wasn't last New Year the same? Only difference as far as I can make out is that one grows older, so the perspective changes.

But Happy New Year to you, rain.

loner2 said...

Hey christopherbrooks, thanka lot for reading my blog. I agree, my stuff is a bit personal. But then I am a loner, remember.

I have been to your blog. I didn't find the comments activated. So I have to leave this comment here.

You know what, putting day to day life is what blogging is all about. ANyway, I believe so. And I did get quite a bit of insight into the life of a park ranger. Good stuff.

RainStorm1212 said...

Happy New Year to you too, Loner.
And yes, you're right. Each year seems to be the same, only a year older. But for me, it seems like each year only gets worse. Ten years ago I was a happier person. Oh, wait, I was still drinking then, oops. LOL *sigh*

loner2 said...

:-) Aha, so that is it. You used to drink, huh. And gave up the stuff later. Good of you.

Is it really the last legal drug on earth? I understand the oops followed by the nostalgic sigh. Everyone who has drunk and stopped drinking knows the oops and the sigh. Oops. *SIGH*

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