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Friday, December 02, 2005

With the heat of fever frying your brain, it is comfortable just lying down and staring at nothingness. There is some moisture oozing from the eyes and this heaviness in the eyelids. The brain is absolutely blank. Wow. The theory about black holes must be true. I feel like one right now. Heavy. Absurd. When you cannot see yourself, that is the vicinity of a black hole.
I must have seen that tree in some dream. Gesturing like a witch. I am sure I have seen this fellow somewhere. Maybe I will recollect later on.


Anonymous said...

Loner, you don't have to alone in "blog world". I'm here if you ever want to talk to somebody. :-)

loner2 said...

Thanks rainstorm1212. I really appreciate that. Maybe that is the reason I read all your posts at your blog too. And believe me I enjoy that. Yeah, I think of you a sincere blog friend-(how do you abbreviate that?). And thanks again for that lovely comment.

Falcus said...

I apologize for not posting something sooner. These past few days my own life has suddenly gone awry from its usual predictable course (not complaining, but it means theres more to deal with).

Anyway, Hmmmm. Poetry again? or just being cryptic? Either way, I can see too many possibilities to say its one thing or another and possibly involvoing every/anything from Anger, to Regret, to Memory, to Meditation, to Crying, to just Being Ill...... Anyway, I apologize for my lack of focus on it, but life will ever thus throw us our own twists and turns... /sigh.

Rain seems like a pretty caring person (I too have read her Blog), so if my opinion matters at all in the past few short posts Ive made, Id suggest maybe talking with her if you can. Theres always the possibility that your going to fall down again, no matter what might spark it, but its FAR easier to stand up again if you can find a crutch to throw some support on, even if it breaks, there are LOTS of Crutchs to be found.

Sorry for the metaphors, but quickest way to get what Im trying to say accross while still keeping the depth of the meaning. Anyway, Take care you two, IHNFC when Ill be able to check out Blog sites again ^^;

Ill try to come back when I can ^^;


loner2 said...

Hey falcus. I hope you are fine. Life does throw up surprise.(Don't I know it !). And you don't have to apologize. In fact you seem to spend a lot of time reading this blog. I thank you for that.

Don't worry about not reading blogs for a while. Ok. And take care of yourself.

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