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Monday, December 19, 2005

Truth !

What a joke !


Anonymous said...

I am with you there. Truly a joke

Falcus said...

Hello again! ^^

I had some extra time, so I figured I'd come poke around this site again ^^;.

Hmmm, not many postings since I was here last <.<. Went from almost 1 a day to like 1 every other week or so? O well.

Hmmmm, Truth, what a joke?...... From a certain point of view, Id definitely have to agree.... However, I would have to disagree if you were to say "There is no Truth"..... There is certainly truth to be had in this world.... But it is sadly subject to perspective.... Which changes Truth for everyone that looks upon it ; ;. As everyone brings a different perspective to the table, no matter how big or small those differences are, everyone brings their own interpretation of Truth to the table..... /sigh.... what a screwy world we live in....... Of course, thats only my perspective ~.^.

Ah Parties..... Yea, Free food, and a chance to mix with people...... Ok, not mix.... Observe and learn perhaps..... Even the food isnt that big a draw for me, but thats because Im picky about what I eat and most people never have anything I like ^^;. Still, I can't speak on social gatherings without mentioning I do find it interesting (On occasion), to find a nice quiet place where I can go un-observed and watch others..... Every once in awhile or so, somebody might actually say something that ISNT just small talk... and thats where the interesting stuff is >:P

DEFINITELY other Loners out there...... By Nature Humans are a symetric species. We don't do things in ones or twos.... no, we always have whole groups of people doing things..... Even being Loners.... Which is quite a conundrum when you think about it. But what better way to justify being alone then to ignore the fact that there are others like you? Alas, that might be a bit harsh, but I tend to find quite a few loners that have never thought about that..... /sigh. And so many Loners are such interesting people..... Nothing is more interesting then a Unique perspective in a mundane society.... As for the people that care, those are the ones to hang on to....... The ones that will give a shit, and try to help, when things go wrong. If that makes them "Suckers", Then I'd Live in a Candy store, and help them wherever I could in Return.

And btw, to Anonymous:
What are you looking for in a description of a "Loner"? A loner is just that, someone that is "alone"..... That can mean anything from social outcasts, to Hermits of choice, to people with mental disorders that do not allow them to be around people, to really anyone when you think about it. Its not the fact that someone is a loner that defines them in my experience.... Rather what made them a loner in the first place...... I ALWAYS love hearing "Today a Mass Murderer was caught, and just as Police suspected, He was a Social Loner"...... *GASP!*.... NAWWWW, A Mass Murderer is just going to go around parading the fact that hes a murderer around people that he believes are inferior to him, and socializing with them........ uh-huh..... Anyway, point being, every loner has their reason for being that way, its those reasons that defines the trait for them IMO.....

Also, so what if someone ignores someone? As long as one has no Obligations or responsibility to that person, how does it matter? If we don't choose to ignore the random people in life, we have too little time to concentrate on those that matter to us.... Now, recognizing those that matter has been a problem for a great many people in the past I will admit, but without specific cases, where responsibility or obligation can be demonstrated, chastization for the practice is pretty pointless.... Everytime a person leaves their home they encounter hundereds of other people in a day, from other drivers, to passers-by, to co-workers, etc etc, and if we don't choose whom to pay attention to, and whom to ignore, or try to pay solid attention to everyone, we get overloaded with information.... Try it sometime if you don't believe me......

Finally, I would disagree that its impossible to discern peoples emotions over the net. Of course, it gets problematic, but use of language is the same wether its written or spoken...... Some one thats angry online is just as apt to Type in all caps "FUCK YOU!" as someone in Real life is to say it..... Of course, the practice is far less acurate, but that doesn't mean theres no value in trying, nor that its impossible..... If you know someone is stedfast and intentionally being stubborn in their beliefs, being able to detect that through their use of words is productive when trying to decide when no longer to argue with them. Or if someone is being humerous, its always curteous to type something along the lines of LOL, etc etc. The list goes on and on.... and I will say some emotions are more difficult to pick up on, but theres always more to read in someones words then just what they want to say..... its just a matter of seeing the writing on the wall ^^.


loner2 said...

falcus, good to have you back. That is a pretty elaborate analysis. Yes. I agree with much of what you say.

Your observation about the frequency of posts is also well taken. I have been rather on the, may I say, less productive phases of blogging. Not that I am short of subjects. It is just that I couldn't bring myself to blog them.

Blogger's bane !

RainStorm1212 said...

Falcus, do you have a blog? I really like your insight. As for me, I'm a loner for two reasons: social outcast (no, I'm not a murderer or pscho, LOL), and because of that, I choose to be a loner. I choose not to deal with people that want to judge me all of the time.

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