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Sunday, December 25, 2005


Rain got me. Apparently I have been busted. I am not very sure about the rules of this game, but let me see if I got the basics right: Once busted, you confess, to at least three grave secrets in your life. Is that right ?

1. Like Rain I sing in the bath too, the difference is, I have no idea what I am singing. Anyway I hope it can be called singing.

2. I like comics, including live ones

3. I agree with the guys who say evolution is not over yet.

4. And I think the net is the closest thing to the human brain


RainStorm1212 said...

Who is your favorite comic?

loner2 said...

Not one. I enjoy many cartoon characters.
Daffy duck, cause he is daffy and although just a duck he has no doubt he is the best of the best. And then there is Top Cat-a gentleman in rags, with nowhere to stay, nothing to eat, and yet he is - TC.
I could loosen up here but, that about gives the idea, doesn't it.

RainStorm1212 said...

I like Daffy too because he's so sarcastic..LOL

loner2 said...

Isn't he. Daffy has been described as schizophrenic but gradually maturing into a more sober duck. I would rather have him the way he is. Can you imagine a sober, sensible, soft-tongued Daffy ! That would be the end of civilization.

RainStorm1212 said...

No, I can not imagine that! LOL
And who described Daffy as a "schizophrenic"? Hmm. No wonder I like him... LOL

Loner, my e-mail address is If you ever want to say anything or talk without it being published on line, drop me a line.

loner2 said...

Thank you rain. I appreciate that, you know, the email. You know, oldgrl, you have a heart right where it should be.

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